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Last week my mother in law made the husband and I dinner. I thought it was a little strange that she offered to make us a full meal for the husband to pick up and bring home. After all, there was no special occasion or milestone or something that kept us both crazy busy at work that warranted this type of special treatment. But, hey, I’d never turn down a fully-made, hot dinner from my mother inlaw, who just so happens to be an amazing cook.

When I got home that night, the husband had already put the homemade mashed potatoes in the oven to stay warm and on the stove was a large cast iron pan with roast beef, onions, and gravy simmering. (It’s the husband’s most favorite meal.) And on the table was a card from my mother in law that read this:

There is an old saying, “The heart of the home is in the kitchen.” Our family knows the joy we feel when we are all gathered around the table, enjoying our favorite foods, sharing stories, and now the blessing of the babble of children.

This isn’t just an iron skillet. I’ve spent months, since January 30th, seasoning, giving it a good foundation, and a little history to pass on from our home to yours. This skillet is in celebration of Baby V, of the many meals you will share with your own family unit.

Much Love, Mom & Dad V.

January 30th, for those who don’t know, was our transfer day. The day everything changed.

This is just the sort of thing that makes me love my inlaws as much as I do. I have lucked out incredibly in the inlaws area and I know it. My mother in law is always doing sweet things such as this that are incredibly thoughtful and kind. And she’s been an amazing support throughout this process since we told my inlaws about our struggles last May.

I can’t wait to make them and my parents grandparents again. I can’t wait for our little one to hang out at Gammy and Pop’s and Nanny and Pop-Pop’s. I can’t wait to see the grandparents with their newest, little grandchild. The thought of it makes me so amazingly happy.

  1. happyandtrue said: truly amazing.
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  3. stillwaitinglife said: This is so sweet. I have tears in my eyes. I wish I had such wonderful in-laws.
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  5. amiracle4us said: That is unbelievably sweet!
  6. mommyfertility said: That is just the sweetest.
  7. impatientlywaitingours said: You are so very lucky to have a great mother in law, they are hard to come by. What a sweet sweet thing to do :)
  8. katunedited said: She sounds so sweet!! And that dinner sounds yum :)
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