Text 11 May 9 notes Chillin’

I worked from home on Monday, which is one of the best things I negotiated about my job after five years working there. So I took a break for a little bit and let Bella, our Vizsla, crawl on to my lap as she so often does because she’s the biggest snuggle bug, and take a little napper.

What I love most about this pic is that she’s laying on my so-called baby bump. And it made me so happy.

NOTE: Ignore all of the Vizsla hair all over my outfit :).

  1. katunedited said: I can never wear black at home (but still do) because of dog hair too!! Bella is adorable :) And that a nice-lookin’ bump, B!!
  2. findingmrsevie said: awww!
  3. mysocalledttclife posted this

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