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So in keeping with the “what size is the baby this week” photos, here we are. (In case you couldn’t tell, nugget is the size of an onion this week.):

And the side view:

And for some reason in this dress I just look REALLY pregnant. I think it’s the empire waist that makes me look like I’m much further along than I really am:

I’m getting EXTREMELY anxious for our Level II ultrasound next week. I’ve not seen the nugget since 11w6d and by the time this ultrasound happens I’ll be 18w3d. THAT’S A LONG FRICKEN TIME! I’m annoyed that my OB wouldn’t give me an ultrasound at my appointment 15w6d. It’d been 4 weeks at that point so I don’t understand the major issue there. But they just kept saying that I’d have an ultrasound three weeks later.

Why are doctors so chincy with these ultrasounds???? Do those massive ultrasound machines have a lifetime of like 100 uses on them or something? I don’t get it. And it’s an abdominal ultrasound so no one has to look at anyone’s lady parts. Makes no sense to me.

But because it’s been so long—though I did hear the nugget’s heartbeat at 15w6d, which was, thankfully, enough to ease my anxiety for a short time—I’ve grown increasingly anxious about there being something wrong. I’m in that strange in between period, too, where you desperately want to feel the baby move to reassure you and yet you can’t decipher between gas pains and possible flutters.

There have been several times that I SWORE I felt something. Little pops and whooshes, but nothing consistent. I know the little guy isn’t big enough yet for me to really feel him, but come on, nugget! I need you to kick harder!!

So the countdown till the next ultrasound begins. It can’t get here soon enough!

  1. impatientlywaitingours said: loving your little bump! :)
  2. ohhappymiracle said: You do not look big AT ALL! You look itty bitty and beautiful :)
  3. tabithamsnyder said: I love the “my baby compares to a…” photos. I have seen so many versions of this and just love it every time. I thought about doing it too. You look adorable. :)
  4. katunedited said: You’ll feel the baby soon!!! At least I started feeling little taps around 17/18 weeks, and def by 19/20 weeks. Empire waists make me look much bigger too, but there’s no denying—your bump is there!! Have a great weekend, B!
  5. findingmrsevie said: The pictures are beautiful! I love your idea of taking them with what the baby is most related to in size. When I was pregnant I would look at the fruit/veggie and think “Wow, that’s how big/small my baby is!”
  6. callherblessed said: eeek!!! grow baby grow!! so exciting, you look great :)
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