Text 19 May 19 notes 18 Weeks…A Potato?

So here are this week’s photos. Apparently the nugget is the size of a potato. To think there’s a human the size of potato in me is just fascinating :

And a side view:

I’ve FINALLY truly felt the nugget move, too! At 16 weeks I’d started to feel some “swooshing” (I don’t know why they describe it as fluttering because that’s so not what I felt). And then at 17 weeks I thought I felt a kick or two but couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t until this week that I actually felt the little nug kick/punch. And, man, my anxiety over today’s Level II ultrasound eased.

I’ve been anxious the past few weeks leading up to today’s appointment because it’s been SO long since we’ve seen him. 1:30 can’t come soon enough! I’ve been saying so many prayers lately that the nugget is growing big and strong and so healthy. Please let him be OK.

We could find out the sex today if we wanted to but we’re not. For me, I felt like IVF made this whole thing so NOT a surprise. My family and my inlaws and a lot of friends knew when we had our retrieval, how many eggs were retrieved, how many fertilized, how many were transferred, when they were transferred, how many frosties we have, and when I was testing. See, how anti-climatic is that? So I decided that the nugget’s gender (and name options because we’re not sharing those either) are to be kept as a surprise for me and the husband. There are few really wonderful, special surprises in lifeā€”and this is one I plan to keep just for the two of us.

I will update on my ultrasound tomorrow. Fingers crossed all is well.

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