Text 24 May 9 notes On Par Weight Gain

I had my one-hour glucose test this morning and unfortunately won’t know the results until tomorrow (they’ll only call if it’s abnormal so I’m praying my OB’s office doesn’t pop up on my cell tomorrow!).

But I did have my OB appointment and so far so good! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so thankful this pregnancy has been uneventful including the weight gain. I stopped weighing myself a few weeks back because I was stressing WAY too much about it. I’ve continued to eat healthy but like any normal person I indulge here and there. So I was still worried. Turns out, I’ve gained 14 lbs. at my 19-week mark, which both my OB and nurse said is just right and totally normal. Ahhh, good news!

My OB also measured my tummy for the first time and I’m measuring about 20 weeks (though I’m 19 weeks today), which my OB said was right on target, too, and not to worry. (Of course, in the back of my head I’m thinking I’m just a big fat ass and I measure a week ahead because my pouch was too big to begin with. I digress …)

She also went over the results from my level II scan on Thursday. The nugget is in the 57% percentile for growth, which she said is absolutely as perfect as can be. I’d honestly been expecting this baby to be much bigger because 1) I’m worried I have gestational diabetes and therefore will have a larger baby and 2) the husband is 6’9” and was 8 lbs. a month EARLY. If I don’t have a Whopper of a child in there then apparently he/she takes after me at 5’4” (I born at 6 lbs. 8 oz.!).

But overall, life is good. REALLY good. I came across this email from the husband from 2008, long before we were even trying to have a baby, as I was cleaning out my inbox at work today. It makes me melt and it reminds me how lucky we are and how grateful I am to be in this place:

"I love you and I am so happy with our life together. I don’t know how we are so happy. Love you."

  1. katunedited said: Umm, your husband is 6’9?!!! Jeeezus, B!! :) Well, the nugget still has time to grow so maybe he/she will be in the middle. Great update—I’m up about 23 lbs now with 7 more weeks to go!
  2. amiracle4us said: i love that everything is great!!!! xoxoxoxo
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