Text 28 May 8 notes 19 Weeks; A Tomato!

So week 19 is pretty much almost over (I’m 19w4d today) but it was craziness at work so this is my first opportunity to get these pix up! The little nugget is measuring the size of an heirloom tomato. Honestly, I had an heirloom tomato in the right size but artistically it looked freaky (if you’ve ever eaten an heirloom tomato you know they’re damn tasty but also kinda strange looking sometimes). So in keeping with our color theme, here is a gorgeous vine-ripened tomato. The dress? It’s from Old Navy and courtesy of my dear friend Sarah (whose blog you really should be following).

Without further ado, here are the pix by my friend and coworker, Lindsay! Check out her Etsy shop, Coco & Bubbles, while you’re at it! Some ADORABLE stuff for the nursery, baby showers, and more. She’s already designed some things for me so when the nursery is ready you’ll see it all :).

  1. tabithamsnyder said: I’m not sure how on earth I missed this! Happy tomato baby! Adorable! :) …your 1/2 way there, momma! :)
  2. inmyopinion said: I seriously can’t believe your little bump! So cute.
  3. callherblessed said: I love seeing the progress each week!!!
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